Above:  The new, paved floor was made on the way to the garage and in front of the house-stairs. You can see the balcony and the raised flower bed beneath the balcony.  The tree of red shade - this is Cercidiphyllum japonicum.  The tree to the right, this is the cherry-tree. 
How The
 Balcony   and   Beneath
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Every year I try to choose a little different combination of flowers on the Balcony.  It was the third year I was growing my own flowers from seeds. The pots were not so very elegant yet, Yngve tried to be economical and I used all vessels I could find on the place, or I bought the cheapest.
In the middle the south wall with the wooden containers and plastic hanging baskets. To the right - among plastic pots with flowers a blue one, with the rose,'Chrystal Palace'
Above: On the Balcony  the TV-antenna has been mounted. I planted the Polygonum baldaschuanicum just beneath of balcony and it covered all antenna and flowered with white clusters with pink shade until November.
Right: Hanging flower containers on the rail.
Above: On the right side of the pic you can see the trellis, built by Yngve, next door to the balcony-rail, with Russian Wine 
(Polygonum baldaschuanicumon it. 
Below left:  The hanging plastic basket with Erigon karvinskianus and self sown Schizanthus pinnatus 
Left: Hanging plastic basket with trailing Petunia 'Fantasy Pink Morn' still in full bloom in November! It hangs over the wooden container with climbing gourd and many other flowers (below in the middle).
Above: The Balcony, the south side of the house was empty. I tried to decorate it with some plants in pots. There were the table and some chairs too.
On the previous pages I wrote about how Yngves garden started in late autumn 1994 and mostly 1995 - just from beneath the balcony and also on the balcony, if you can call this for garden.. anyway, the balcony has became a nice patio, almost overcrowded by flowering plants in urns, pots, tubs and hanging baskets. 
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The house and The Balcony in August 1997.
Left: Flowering plants on the right side of The Balcony, at the rail, in plastic urns - mostly Schizanthus and 
Petunias. The middle pic shows the wooden flower containers with a climbing gourd, in July.
Right: Further, also on the right side of The Balcony at the rail, in plastic urn are mostly Fuchsias and 
Petunias which thrives very well in dappled shade created by the rail. 
Right:  My strawberries and raspberries, just picked up, in the vase -Digitalis purpurea. 
Left: The gourd fruits in the October. 
Above: The Balcony in August. Yngve has built 3 wooden boxes for summer plants. They are of not the same height (pic below).
Above and below: 
Ricinus gibsonii 
Above: There were some pots with flowers on the floor. Here in an urn: Petunia and 
Erigeron mucronatus, both I sown myself. 
Above: Climbing 
Phaseolus coccineus 
Above: The pot with flowers on the table. And a funny tomato from greenhouse
There were more flowers  on the balcony then in 1995. I managed to find cheap hanging flower-pots and urns. 
Right: A sort of African daisy.
Left: A hanging 'plant-tower' with  Petunia 'Double Delight', very fragrant
Right: The balcony was not crowded at all. An urn at the rail.
 The Ricinus communis 'Carmencita- pink and many others.
 This is no more empty on the balcony..
 My favorite, blue Nemophila menziesii, trailing, 1998
Another my favorite: Mesembryanthemum 
(Dorotheanthus) criniflorum 
Yellow Petunia 'Prism Sunshine'. All flowers on The Balcony I use to grow myself
My next favorite: Felicia amelloides'Variegata' in hanging windows box on the rail
Left: Nolana paradoxa 'Blue Bird' is much alike Nemophila (above) and even uses to bloom  longer, up to late fall.
All flowers I grew myself from seeds.
That year I planted Petunias of different colors in every hanging basket. Here the double sort, very fragrant, 'Fanfar'
On the Balcony in August
At the rail, in dappled shade, there is almost the best spot for all flowers, but mostly I planted there Fuchsias which do not thrives in sun
Above: Fuchsia fulgens 'Variegata'  together with Petunias and 
Pelargonium, in pots
Above: Double Petunia 
'Fanfar(very fragrant)
Gypsophila muralis 'Garden Bride
Right: Window boxes  on the rail, with Petunias and 
Gypsophila muralis;

Below: The same Fuchsia fulgens 
'Variegata'  together with Petunias
Left and below right: 
Hanging Geraniums 
Brachycome iberidifolia 
in urns on the floor of The Balcony
Above: Mentha gentilis 'Variegata', very much fragrant
Tubs and pots on the stairs to The Balcony. Above: Petunia 'Shepperd´s Delight', next low the stairs: Tropaleum majus nanum 'Whirlybird Cherry Rose'
Lowest on the stairs Felicia amelloides 'Variegataand 
below  Geranium 'Mr Wright'
At the rail an abundance of flowers - red Nicotiana 'Havana red', blue-lilac Osteospermum eclonis 'Soniaand many others
The Balcony rail with flowering window boxes, the end of August
All The Balcony in the end of August
The window box with Petunia 'Shepperd´s Delight', Surfinia - from my own seeds and Gypsophila muralis 'Garden Bride'  
White daisies in the plastic window box on the rail, 19nth October
White Petunias with lilac spots, my own seeds from one last year plant. Every flower is different!
My own Lobelia sort, white with sky-blue stripes, trailing
Under the hanging plastic basket with Petunia - standard Salix 'Hakuro Nishiki'
Hanging plastic baskets with many flowers; Right: hang-geranium from Gran Canaria
My own Surfinia (from seeds), Helichrysum petiolatum, Petunia i.e. Left: Surfinias and Nemophila menziesii
The House with The Balcony and Beneath the Balcony, the end of July
On The Balcony - Petunia 'Shepperd´s Delightand Brachycome iberidifolium
 The Balcony - on the new marble board the Bougainvillea  which was planted in 1997 as a cutting
Blue-lilac Osteospermum ecklonis 
'Sonia- 28nth October
Bougainvillea - 1 August
At the rail - Fuchsia 'Thamar'  18nth October
There were very many flowers then and they were in blossom up to November.
On the next page I show many pictures of the Raised Bed Beneath The Balcony. How it looked like in 1995 can you see on the previous page. It was actually there the all Yngve's garden has been begun, late autumn 1994.
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The same Bougainvillea plant as  above, but in 2001. 17 August
Avocado plant and climbing Tropaleum 'Moonlight', 
wandering from the ground 
up to  the Balcony!
The Balcony - 1 August
In the early summer on the Balcony - Salix int.'Hakuro Nishiki', standard tree, 6 June 
The Amaranthus in the hanging basket - late August
The Balcony - 1 August, Tropaleum 'Cherry', red Geranium

Petunia 'Merlin Pink Morn', from my own seeds - 15 August
Geranium 'Mårbacka' (old Swedish sort) and English Geranium 28 August
Nemophila nemorosa, self sown in the slit of the wooden container  - 17 June 
Sedum lineare Variegatum on  the balcony rail and a flower of Tropaleum 'Moonlight', climbing up to it from the ground under the balcony
Fuchsia 'Southgate'  31 July
Petunias  in the hanging flower box - dark pink Frillytunia,  17 July
The corner of the Balcony with some pots and hanging basket, 6 July
Petunias  in the hanging flower box - dark pink Frillytunia,  17 July
Petunias double 'Orchid Mist' and hanging Geranium,  24 August
Petunias double 'Orchid Mist', very fragrant, 
19 August
Hymenocallis eulae (Spindle Lily),  2 August
The same hanging basket in different time. First left: 6 July, you can see Petunia 'Red'  and Convolvulus sabatius from Chiltern Young Plants. In the middle: 5 Sept. - Double petunia 'Pirouette Soft Red and White'petunia 'Red' , Brachycome 'Blue Star' .  The third pic - to the right: 26 September, mostly Convolvulus sabatius,  a little ptunia  'Red'
 and double petunia.
Surfinia and Petunia 17  July
 Petunia in hanging basket 17  July
Flower box (wooden), First left: - 6July,  in the middle -  3 Sept, we can see double Petunia 'Pirouette Soft Red and White'Helichrysum petiolatum Surfinia 'Red- and the same container to the right 
Surfinia, 16 November
The same hanging basket in different time. First left: in June, you can see Petunia 'Tumbelina Priscilla'+coral red Diasciawhite 'Million Bells', all from Chiltern Young Plants, in the middle - the 6th July there is almost the same but a little more, and - the third basket, the 26th September, this is practically only double petunia 'Tumbelina Priscilla'
Above the same hanging basket which is number 3 on the wall. Left - 6 July, you can see mostly Petunia 'Red'. 
Right:  20 August, you can see:  double  
Petunia 'Pirouette Soft Red and White' Petunia 'Red' and Brachycome 
'Blue Star'
Ipomoea 'Sunrise Serenade', the 26th 
Left: Ipomoea 'Ismay Morning Glory', the 18th August
Right: the same  Ipomoea the 9th Sept.
 Sept.ththe 26 'Heavenly Blue', Ipomoea Left:
Right:  Ipomoea 'Heavenly Blue'  and  Ipomoea albathe 13th October 
At last I bought 3 hanging flower-containers
On the  Balcony in August 2000
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